Dark Silk Nipple Covers – 4 Pairs


    The best silk nipple covers available today – the Bye Bra silk nipple covers. The nipple covers are made from a Henkel adhesive. We see too many imported Chinese nipple covers, which are not tested. Most of these nipple covers contain substances that are not safe for the skin. Bye Bra’s silk nipple covers are tested by the testing institute SGS.

    Our silk nipple covers are as soft as silk. The flower-shaped silk nipple covers are perfect for daily wear. They conceal nipple protrusion and will protect your nipples whether or not you wear a bra. Nobody will know you are wearing them. The nipple covers are made of a soft material and give the breasts a beautifully natural appearance by minimizing nipples that are too pronounced. The silk nipple covers are a perfect combination with dresses, gala clothing, strapless outfits, T-shirts, and swimsuits.

    SKU: BMB016