Curved Bra Clips – 4 Colours


    By introducing a new generation of bra clips, Bye Bra takes the traditional bra clips to the next level. The Curved Bra Clips simplify the lives of many women who struggle with visible bra straps, bra straps which end up being too tight while wearing a too small and non-adapted bra clip, and whose spine hurts wearing a too solid bra clip.

    With its ergonomic curved shape, the Curved Bra Clip is adapted to the shape of the spine and will enhance comfort during the wearing. The Curved Bra Clip is not flat on the spine: it will be aligned with the spine, comfortable and will not even be felt while being worn. The Curved Bra Clip is made from a soft-iron material, which may also be stretched or bent as required by the wearer. This way, women will obtain a personalized and ergonomic Curved Bra Clip fitting their needs.

    The Curved Bra Clip’s flower shape makes it the perfect size for a bra clip and reduces pressure on the spine.

    This pack contains 4 colors: dark brown, light brown, black and white.

    P.S: the Curved Bra Clips come with a free travel pouch, to keep your fashion accessories together!

    SKU: BMB022